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Dubai real estate bubble

Is Dubai real estate heading a towards bubble?

Over the last few decades Dubai has successfully managed to diversify its economy from oil to tourism, technology, business (more…)

Dubai property

What’s driving Dubai Real Estate Growth

Dubai's real estate sector has all the ingredients necessary for its growth thanks to timely measures introduced by its government to offset the impact (more…)

Expo 2020 Dubai Map Image courtesy Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai Expo 2020 – What its all about

One thing that everyone in Dubai is talking about, and now its only few months away, is Dubai Expo 2020. Lets start from the basics to learn more about this

Investing in Dubai real estate

Is this the right time to invest in Dubai real estate market?

There are two types of investors. Short-term, and Long-term. Short-term investors primarily aim to gain from market movement, whereas (more…)

Dubai property

What will be the impact on Dubai real estate post Expo 2020

While the Expo 2020 managers are busy putting finishing touches to the event and its infrastructure, the biggest question on the minds of real estate (more…)


Do you get UAE Residence Visa or Nationality on Buying Property?

One of the common questions asked even in casual discussions about buying property in UAE is whether the owner will also be entitled to the country's (more…)


Can one leave UAE with an unsettled home mortgage?

Expats often leave UAE to return to their home country, or to move to greener pastures. What should they do about their unsettled mortgages? In the past, many expats left


Market Review of Dubai Holidays Homes Sector

According to Dubai Government's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), in 2018 Dubai had 15,920,000 international visitors, spending an average of 3.5 nights per stay, and the hospitality sector


U.A.E Central Bank reduces early Settlement Home Mortgage Fees

U.A.E government has been taking positive steps towards ease of doing business and encouraging investments in the U.A.E. Be it tactical decisions like (more…)


Dubai Marina is an eat-out heaven

Feeling hungry? Looking for eat-out destinations in Dubai Marina? Dubai Marina is loaded with a massive variety (more…)

Noora 4 - Slider.jpeg

Guide to Al Habtoor City Restaurants

The Habtoor city is brimming with an exciting array of restaurants and eateries. This complete guide of restaurants in Al Habtoor City (more…)

Dubai Skyline

Dubai virtual business license launched for overseas investors

In a very exciting development, Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai has launched the region’s first Virtual Company (more…)

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